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The Power of Pellet Therapy

Published August 31, 2015

what is pellet therapy

When it comes to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, men and women have a number of delivery methods available for their treatment options. There are creams, patches, pills and injections, but none of these has ever offered the comprehensive benefits of the pellet. If you are considering bioidentical hormone therapy, you need to know about this advanced form of therapy that is the preferred method of delivery for both men and women.

What is Pellet Therapy?

Pellet therapy is a naturally-derived delivery method for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. And, while it may seem like a novel idea, pellet therapy has been around since the 1930s—almost as long as hormone therapy itself. It is available for patients who will benefit from treatment with bioidentical testosterone or bioidentical estrogen. .

Unlike pills, creams, patches or injections, pellet therapy requires no daily dosing hassles, no risk of transference, no uncomfortable fluctuations between cycles and little to no pain with administration. Pellets are about the size of a grain of rice and inserted into the upper hip area during a simple, in-office procedure. Following insertion, the pellet is slowly metabolized by the body over the course of three to six months, steadily delivering a natural dose of hormone. The length of each treatment cycle is determined by how quickly your body metabolizes the pellet, which varies from person to person.

Pellet Therapy for Men

For men, pellet therapy is available for treatment plans including bioidentical testosterone. Testosterone pellet therapy offers men numerous benefits, including:

Pellet Therapy for Women

For women, pellet therapy is available for treatment plans including bioidentical testosterone or bioidentical estrogen.

Many women do not consider the crucial role testosterone plays on health or the effects of low levels. But, testosterone therapy —especially testosterone pellet therapy—can offer numerous benefits to women, including:

Biest Pellets, containing both of the most beneficial estrogens, estradiol and estriol, are the newest form of pellet therapy currently offered at Evolutions Restorative Health. Biest pellet therapy is especially effective for treating perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms as it has been shown to:

Pellet therapy is truly a powerful option, especially among for the modern lifestyle. After all, who has time to hassle with remembering to take a pill, slather on a cream or mess with painful injections? Discover how easy it can be to achieve hormone balance with pellet therapy from the expert team at Evolutions Restorative Health.

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