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Discover the Difference a Medical Weight Loss Program Can Do For You

Have you struggled with weight loss and have had poor results with diet and exercise alone? Are you concerned about your health because of your weight? If so, we have a medical weight loss program that is affordable and has had proven results.

Although many people lose weight to help them look better, they often find that weight loss leads to improved health. When you are overweight, weight loss can reduce the risk factors associated with chronic disease, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Today’s American diet is loaded with sugar, unhealthy fats and excessive salt. This diet, however, can have devastating effects on our health, including abdominal obesity, dyslipidemia, hypertension and high fasting glucose. There is a term to characterize this combination of metabolic processes, called Metabolic Syndrome. More direly, it has also been referred to as the “Deadly Quartet.” The good news is that weight loss can often reverse these health issues. Additionally, weight loss can also lead to improved sleep, energy and mood and reduced inflammation*.

Ideal Protein ChicagoWe created a weight loss program that addresses both mind and body. We offer a medically developed protocol, Ideal Protein, available only to qualified healthcare providers. The Ideal Protein was developed by a physician in Europe and has been utilized for many years in healthcare clinics all over the world. The major components of Ideal Protein is reduced caloric intake, maintenance of nutrients, support of muscle mass, and high quality protein. The Ideal Protein weight loss method targets fat loss while keeping muscle mass. The protocol has also been used in the reduction of cellulite. In addition, our weight loss program addresses the emotional and behavioral aspects of weight loss. You will work with a specialist in behavioral health so that you are guided through your weight loss journey. With our holistic and comprehensive approach to weight loss, we offer a sustainable way to lose weight.

We offer several components to enable you to reach your weight loss goals:

A Medical Weight Loss Program Personalized Just For You

Shed Pounds and Keep Them Off
Ideal Protein is an easy 4-phase protocol that gives you the structure you need to lose weight and maintain your ideal weight. During Phases 1 & 2, you will focus on achieving your weight loss goal. Then, you transition to Phases 3 & 4, which concentrates on instilling you with the knowledge you need to maintain your new weight and healthy lifestyle.

Eat Great Food and Lose Weight
With Ideal Protein, you will be able to enjoy foods sourced from the highest quality ingredients. There are over 80 different varieties, including protein shakes, juices, soups, puddings, pancakes and many others. The delicious foods are high biological value proteins, consisting of eight essential amino acids, and are made from non-GMO sources. The foods accommodate all tastes, including salty, savory and sweet. To make complete meals, you will be eating vegetables and protein (meats and fish) from the grocery store. Additionally, you will be provided pharmaceutical grade supplements to provide you with sufficient vitamins and minerals.

Get the Guidance You Need
Do you find that you crave sugary and fatty foods when you are stressed or upset? This is very common and we often look to foods to alter our emotions. This is referred to as emotional eating and is a likely reason why people return to their old eating habits. Making behavioral changes is such an important part of any effective weight loss program. With our weight loss program, you will meet with Dr. Rae Mazzei, a licensed therapist, who specializes in the psychological aspects of weight loss. She will assist you to develop coping skills to manage any eating issues and to incorporate healthy lifestyle behaviors. She frequently incorporates mindful eating and cognitive-behavioral therapy, which are proven therapies for weight loss management.

You only pay a reasonable initial consultation fee plus the cost of your Ideal Protein meals and supplements. The foods are reasonably priced, averaging $4 per meal. The one-on-one coaching and education, counseling, medical supervision, videos, online resources, and body composition analysis are all complimentary. 

Start Today
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  • Dr. Mazzei has really helped me balance out my crazy hormone levels. I've been dealing with this for years and it's so helpful that I am being treated for the problem and not just the symptoms. I was treated by 2 other doctors before seeing him and neither of them helped me to this extent and level of detail. -Paula…Read More
  • Love Dr. Joe! He helped me get my hormones balanced and gave me my energy and sex life back! My husband tells me to thank him every time I go see him lol. I think that's a testament in itself! -Colleen H.Read More
  • Being a nurse that works 12 hour shifts I was always tired no matter how many hours I slept and never felt well. I started seeing Doctor Joe at BodyLogicMD last fall. After receiving my test results and consultation I was surprised to find out I did have some issues that could be addressed and treated. Since last fall I…Read More
  • I have been a patient of BodyLogic MD since last October. I have never felt better in many years. My energy level is back and just feel better overall. The consult, testing and explanation of their findings was the most comprehensive that I ever experienced. I would highly recommend that anyone use their services if you want to improve your…Read More


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