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Hormonal Changes Could Trigger Depression in Women

Published October 19, 2018

Women experience depression at much higher rates than men, pretty much starting with puberty and continuing on for much of their lives. While this may be due in some part to the high levels of stress associated with holding down a job while also taking care of the bulk of childcare and household responsibilities, as many women do, research suggests that the disparity could be due in large part to the hormonal fluctuations that take place throughout a woman’s lifetime. Hormonal fluctuations are a normal part of women’s biology—from the monthly menstrual cycle, to pregnancy, to menopause, there is a near constant ebb and flow of hormonal changes, leaving women susceptible to hormone-related mood disorders like depression. And while the connection between depression and hormones is well-known, hormonal balance is not always taken into account when it comes to treating depression, even though many women experiencing depression benefit from hormone therapy, especially when paired with targeted lifestyle treatments. Read more…

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