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About Kenneth Raskin, M.D.

Get to Know Dr. Kenneth Raskin of Evolutions Restorative Health

Dr. RaskinKenneth Raskin, M.D. is the Medical Director of Evolutions Restorative Health and Wisconsin Hormone Institute in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He joined the BodyLogicMD network of expert physicians in 2009 because conventional medicine limited his ability to help correct the problems and needs of his patients. Shortly after joining BodyLogicMD, Dr. Raskin completed the A4M fellowship program to achieve extensive training in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and further enhance his skills and understanding of functional medicine.

When asked why he entered the field of medicine, Dr. Raskin said he “gravitated towards medicine since it allowed [him] to make a positive impact on another person’s life.” This is the driving force behind Dr. Raskin’s practice today. He listens to his patients and is dedicated to helping each patient take preventive measures to enjoy a long, healthy, disease-free life. Dr. Raskin believes that by carefully listening to the concerns of each patient, he can create a treatment plan that will maximize health and successfully achieve each patient’s wellness goals.

At Evolutions Restorative Health, Dr. Raskin and his healthcare team review test results before beginning any treatment process, and work with each patient so they fully understand how their results, medical history, and symptoms paint a picture of what is going on inside the body. Dr. Raskin partners with each patient to develop a custom treatment plan that addresses symptoms while optimizing health and meeting established wellness goals.

Though a busy physician, Dr. Raskin still makes time to stay active. He enjoys mountain biking and tops off his cardio workouts with weight lifting at the gym.

Dr. Kenneth Raskin received his undergraduate degree from the University of California. He later graduated from the Medical College of Wisconsin and completed his internship and residency in Obstetrics/Gynecology at the University of Oklahoma Health Service Center.

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  • "Absolutely one of the finest physicians I have had the pleasure to know and be treated by. As an RN with over 25 years experience, I can tell you Dr. Raskin is the real deal. I recommend him to all my friends and family." -E.I.Read More
  • "Great experience with Dr. Raskin. Is thorough, knowledgeable and teaches about proper hormonal support for well being. I am happy with him." -J.W.Read More
  • "Dr. Raskin is a kind and caring physician. I am a post menopausal women and he restored my health and vitality. I wish more people knew about his wonderful care." - R.C.Read More
  • "Dr. Raskin is a great doctor, and has a great support staff! He is collaborative, caring, honest and really goes above and beyond to do what he can to help. I love that he looks at the big picture and doesn't just try to put a band-aid (medication) on a symptom, but instead digs at the root cause by analyzing…Read More


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