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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

Experience advanced bioidentical hormone replacement therapy treatment plans from one of the nation's most highly-trained physicians specializing in hormone therapy.

Women's Health

Comprehensive treatment plans designed specifically for a woman's health from one of Chicago's leading physicians in functional medicine.

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Learn how to restore strength and vigor with comprehensive treatment plans designed just for men using the most advanced therapies for optimal wellness.

Functional Medicine

Functional medicine focuses achieving total body health and optimal function, not just managing symptoms. Discover the difference from one of Chicago's top functional medicine physicians.


At Evolutions Restorative Health, your health is always a top priority. As a patient, you will receive the most comprehensive medical care and treatment plans carefully designed to maximize your health and improve your quality of life—at any age.

Kenneth Raskin, M.D., Medical Director of Evolutions Restorative Health, Wisconsin Hormone Institute, and an esteemed member of the BodyLogicMD network of physicians, is expertly trained to help you address symptoms of aging, such as mood swings, foggy thinking, fatigue, weight gain, insomnia, erectile dysfunction, low sex drive and more. Whether you want to heal and repair your body or prevent disease and optimize your health, Dr. Raskin and his expert team at Evolutions Restorative Health focus on the foundational pillars of health and the connection between mind and body to establish enduring wellness.

Evolutions Restorative Health strives to rise above alternative medicine fads and traditional medicine shortcomings. Through advanced diagnostic testing, one-on-one consultations and cutting-edge therapies, Dr. Raskin works collaboratively with you to explore your health concerns and design comprehensive programs to address health and promote vitality. Multi-faceted treatment plans include bioidentical hormone therapy to restore health and vivacity, foundational nutritional strategies to cleanse and revitalize function, and platelet-rich plasma therapies to heal and repair.

Discover how to enjoy lifelong health and maintain the highest quality of life well into your golden years with help from some of Chicago’s leading experts in functional medicine and restorative health.

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February 15, 2019

How Hormone Replacement Therapy Can Stop and Reverse Hair Loss

Close up of bald young man, front view Hair thinning is one of the most natural things that happens to the body. In a regular day, you lose 50 to […]

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February 14, 2019

Hormone Therapy for Thyroid Conditions Helps You Restore Balance and Regain Wellness

Thyroid conditions can be frustrating to discover. They masquerade as major depression, chronic fatigue, or even acid reflux, and produce any number of uncomfortable and confusing symptoms that may take […]

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Dr. Raskin at Evolutions Restorative Health knows that the key to balanced health is addressing the needs of your entire body and designing a customized treatment plan that delivers lifelong solutions, not short-term fixes. From the pillars of nutrition to cutting-edge technology, like platelet-rich plasma therapy, Dr. Raskin will personally customize a treatment plan specifically for your unique needs and help you restore total wellness, from the inside out.

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  • "Absolutely one of the finest physicians I have had the pleasure to know and be treated by. As an RN with over 25 years experience, I can tell you Dr. Raskin is the real deal. I recommend him to all my friends and family." -E.I.Read More
  • "Great experience with Dr. Raskin. Is thorough, knowledgeable and teaches about proper hormonal support for well being. I am happy with him." -J.W.Read More
  • "Dr. Raskin is a kind and caring physician. I am a post menopausal women and he restored my health and vitality. I wish more people knew about his wonderful care." - R.C.Read More
  • "Dr. Raskin is a great doctor, and has a great support staff! He is collaborative, caring, honest and really goes above and beyond to do what he can to help. I love that he looks at the big picture and doesn't just try to put a band-aid (medication) on a symptom, but instead digs at the root cause by analyzing…Read More


February 15, 2019

How Hormone Replacement Therapy Can Stop and Reverse Hair Loss

Close up of bald young man, front view Hair thinning is one of the most natural things that happens to the body. In a regular day, you lose 50 to […]

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